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.txt ah ok rk2: The "sudo touch /media/whatever" is sufficient. bekks: ok thanks bekks, I am an idiot rk2: No. It works without sudo. bekks: no, that's my point, I wanted to make sure I wouldnt have to do a sudo every time I wanted to access a drive on that machine lol, I forgot to mount it rk2: As you said "every time" bekks, thanks. I will continue now bekks: I will look into that rk2: I think it is a wise decision. bekks: ok, thanks rk2: ubuntu uses polkit/policykit to allow for finer (different) access oCean: I thought something like that rk2: As already said, you dont need to touch /media/whatever. bekks: ok rk2, he's gone bekks: also, I think theres a way to make it happen automatically, i.e. without me having to do it manually every time I log in rk2: Yes. bekks: ok, thanks, I think I got it figured out is lsof outputting to screen or a file by default in ubuntu? pat_mcgowan, try in a terminal pat_mcgowan, also, what is lsof and what are you trying to do Hello! when running lsof it is outputting to screen, I would like to make it output to a file and pipe to grep hi pat_mcgowan, there is a -o switch for lsof I




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